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My name is Carin, I am the founder of Pollie's Photography. 

Photography is the modern day diary and holds memories for our children and their children, it captures a moment in time forever.

I love being a part of someone else's memories and to be the person capturing them is an honour.

Please enjoy my pictures and if you would like to be notified of up coming events or just be a part of my virtual world please click the Contact button and come aboard smiley

If you would like a quote for some photography please get in touch by using the Contact button. If you think we might be a good fit for a photography project but your budget is small please still get in touch with me and we can talk it through.

I have several assistants who come along on photo shoots to help me, they are Jack, Bev and Emily, so you may get to meet one or more of them if we work with you.

A little about me.

am married with a son and 3 wonderful step children. Have more animals than we know what to do with but wouldn't part with any of them. I was a part of the NHS for quite a long time and then made redundant. So I was wondering what to do over a cup of coffee and decided that I would turn my part time hobby into a full time job, which I have to say I love :-D 

love and fun

Carin and the Team















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